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I have completed my first purchase, but I have not yet received an email message from Sonimus.

After completing your first purchase, Sonimus sends an email message containing all the information you need to activate your product.  The following information will help you to locate your message from Sonimus:

Be sure to check the inbox of your email address used in PayPal.  Your PayPal email address is the address we will use to contact you.

I have checked the inbox of the same email account that I use for PayPal, but I still have not found a message from Sonimus.

It is quite likely that your email client has mistakenly identified Sonimus' message to you as “spam.”  Please check your spam or “junk” email folder.

To avoid having future messages from Sonimus misidentified as spam, please unmark the email as “spam” and add saff at your contact list / address book.

For a tutorial on how to unmark messages as spam using gmail, please visit: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/9008.

NOTE: If you are unable to locate the solution you are looking for, and you have a Sonimus account, you can still get help by creating a client support ticket. If you don't have a Sonimus account create a guest support ticket.
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