About Sonimus

Firmly committed to quality and audio fidelity, SoniMus (Sonic Music) Company is highly regarded for products based on advanced digital signal processing techniques, applied to audio engineering.

Sonimus has pursued research and development, using in-the-field experience, to create its own good practices for modeling and design, resulting in sophisticated but simple-to-use, unique but precise emulations of vintage devices that provide customers and partners with the best solutions for Recording/Mix Studios, Mastering Studios, the Recording Industry and Post Production audio work.

Sonimus products can provide ideal conditions for getting natural "analog" results with state-of-the-art plugins for mixing, mastering, recording, and post production, both for live sound and studio work.

Our products are carefully modeled and conscientiously designed with the needs of musicians, recording/mix engineers, and sound producers in mind, visualizing them as USERS pursuing excellence in audio production.

So, what do Sonimus staff think?

" We may be paranoiacs, but we live by the following words: “If it’s not perfect, then it’s no use.” So we dedicate eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, to new product development.

We are fortunate to have many professionals who make a living recording and mixing in studios, who kindly provide us with valuable feedback to further refine our prototypes.

We like to think that we are a sort of “boutique” company, since we prefer quality over quantity. We would never commit, for example, to the objective of launching fifty products that we were not 100% satisfied with in terms of audio fidelity. "