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Satson & Britson Free update

Sonimus has the pleasure to announce a free update to Satson 1.3.2 & Britson 1.1.2 consoles.

StonEQ 4k 1.0.1 released

In response to our valued users' feature requests, Sonimus is pleased to announce a free update to our recently released StonEQ 4k Equalizer.

StonEQ 4k - Satson series. Released!

StonEQ 4k is a surgical equalizer that can also be used in a musical way. Differing from the hundreds of analog EQ emulations in the plugin market, StonEQ 4k has its own personality, color and behavior. It is not, nor does it try to be, a faithful emulation of the original EQ.

SOS Review - "TuCo" Tube Compressor

"...Vocals and instrument sounds could be transparently controlled with gentle settings, or ‘pumped’ using the limiter modes and higher settings. I found no other compressor emulation in my studio that handled a full mix as well..."

Gearslutz Review - TuCo. Tube Compressor

"...I preferred its control and overall sound for most material. On instruments like guitar and bass, it can even out levels while nicely maintaining dynamics of initial string plucks...works very well on drums and percussion...is excellent on vocals"

Tube Compressor "TuCo" Review - By Laptoprockers

"Sonimus' Tube Compressor is another example of their ability to emulate vintage analog gear in the digital domain."

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