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Satson Channel Strip - SOS Review

"...A wide range of saturation effects is available, from subtle warming to very crunchy..."

Satson Channel Strip - MUSIXON Review

"...As well as the effects these plugin units add up to the sound, I can tell they were fully considering the work-flow simplicity and speed while creating the “Satson CS”. You simply add new plugins to the window by clicking on the “MODULES” button on the left top or drag one out to remove..."

Gearslutz review - WeissKlang V13 & KlangFormer

"...WeissKlang is a new German microphone manufacturer who have paired the V13 linear cardioid mic with the colour of the Sonimus KlangFormer mic-modelling software. Sonimus are famous for the Satson mixbus software (and more!) which has many fans on Gearslutz..."

Glenn Fricker review

"Taking a look at the plugin suite from Sonimus: Some really cool EQ's and an extremely versatile compressor.... I did an entire mix with only one across many channels! ...I'm really impressed with these!"

SOS Review - "TuCo" Tube Compressor

"...Vocals and instrument sounds could be transparently controlled with gentle settings, or ‘pumped’ using the limiter modes and higher settings. I found no other compressor emulation in my studio that handled a full mix as well..."

Gearslutz Review - TuCo. Tube Compressor

"...I preferred its control and overall sound for most material. On instruments like guitar and bass, it can even out levels while nicely maintaining dynamics of initial string plucks...works very well on drums and percussion...is excellent on vocals"

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