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Compressors: Pump and... Breathe!

When I choose a processor: Do I want this machine to do its duty in an "invisible" way or do I want this machine to "put a nice recognizable signature" to the final sound?

Stereo Panning to get better mixes

In this article we will try to explain how to get an spacious mix, extra deep and with tridimensional sense.

Frequency Masking

In this article, we will talk about the masking principle and some tips to avoid this problem that make your mixes sound like a war of sounds fighting each others.

Microphones Tutorial

In this article The WeissKlang Team, explains what is a microphone and how to use it the right way: polar patterns, types, "natural" equalization, etc...

Audio Project Templates

In this article, we will discuss a method of creating project templates that can be used to reduce setup time when starting a new recording or mixing project.

Configure your Channel Strip to be an Analog Console

In this article, by Andrea "Potter" Cristofori, we will discuss the various possibilities of routing the plugin chain of any channel of any DAW in our possession.

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