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Analog summing

Summing Amplifier

Sonimus consoles plugins can be used to emulate a summing mixer to provide cohesion and glue between tracks.

Sonimus console as a summing mixer

To get a good mix, use the console as a gain staging tool and start by leveling your tracks’ volume output:

  1. Create a new mixing project
  2. Insert the console plugin Channel instance on all tracks of your project as a first insert
  3. Insert the console Buss instance on all busses and the master track
  4. Before leveling your tracks with the DAW fader and before inserting other plugins, use the Gain control to level individual tracks to 0VU (VU meter near zero)
  5. When you have leveled all your tracks to 0VU, do not touch plugin Gain control again
  6. Start mixing as you usually do: Insert new plugins; adjust the volume levels using your DAW’s fader tracks, etc. (Please remember point number 5)

Adjust your busses

As with individual tracks, set the volume level of your busses to average around 0VU as well. While viewing console Buss’ VU Meter, adjust tracks that send to the buss with your DAW fader (not the console Channel Gain control. Remember point number 5 above!).

Master​ ​Track​ ​Volume​ ​Level:​ Use the same process as above for “master track” volume. Adjust the busses’ DAW faders to level at 0VU on your master track or 2buss.

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