Reviews on Jan 07, 2016
"Sonimus Sweetone is a tilt-style equalizer that was built to make simple broad-stroke equalization tasks super fast. Despite its simplicity, Sweetone can actually deliver a variety of tonal flavors"
News on Nov 24, 2015
We are pleased to announce the launch of SonEQ Pro and Sweetone AAX & VST3. From now all of our products are now fully supported by all major DAWs and platforms (with the exception of the free SonEQ EQ).
Reviews on Sep 09, 2015
In this video Alex Solano reviewed the Sonimus Sweetone: "...A high quality EQ plugin for mixing..." Music provided by Princeton Brown.
Reviews on Sep 09, 2015
Ollan Christopher Bell - Producer - talking about Sonimus experience in the making of the Zakiya Hooker's "In the mood" album, her last project.
News on Sep 09, 2015
Sonimus has the pleasure to announce a free update to Burnley 73. Our new plugin carefully recreates the characteristic sound of each EQ band, and the unique personality of both the 1073's inputs: LINE and MIC.
Reviews on Apr 15, 2015
Satson was featured in the regular Geek Technique for the latest Computer Music issue. You’ll see the plugin on page 81 and in the accompanying tutorial video. Satson CM is one of the Computer Music exclusive plugin.
Reviews on Jan 02, 2014
Musicradar verdict: "An impressive, affordable hybrid EQ that successfully jigsaws together a series of classic-inspired components."