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Designed to emulate a console-based workflow (including metering, saturation, stereo crosstalk, and trim).



  • Saturation can be disabled when you want to use Satson for trim and metering purposes exclusively.
  • Two saturation modes: Normal (subtle distortion, high dynamic range) and Fat (hotter signal, lower dynamic range).
  • Satson can be used subtly or aggressively (to distort synths, and virtual or real instruments, for example).
  • Filters (both low and high pass) are tuned to sound sweet and pleasant to the ear.
  • Activate Satson Buss’ “LOUD” switch to add more “air” to your highs and “punch” to your lows.
  • Instances can be “grouped” creating the possibility of affecting all instances by making changes to just one.
  • With zero latency, no group delay, and careful optimization for low CPU consumption, Satson allows for a remarkably high number of multiple instances per session.
  • Internal 64-bit floating-point double precision.


  • Imagine being able to control all Satson instances from a single instance. Imagine the freedom to assign Satson instances into “groups” for simultaneous control of all grouped instances.
  • Now, with Satson it’s possible to do just that: Turn on/off saturation, choose Fat or Normal mode, make volume adjustments for a group of instruments, and alter the drive for a group of instances, all from the convenience of one Master Instance.


For more technical information about modules and controls, check the online user manual in your language: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese


Satson Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Satson Graphical User Interface (GUI)


“Verdict: For more advanced engineers looking to push their mixes up another notch, Satson is an attractive option.”


Computer Music Magazine Review

“Love the grouping feature. I can instantly change the character of a group of tracks or the entire mix even. The filters react as good as the ones in the analogue world. Great for shaping the sound of my entire mix very quickly.”

Dan Zlotnik , Music Composer

“I love the sound and the features. I used Satson in my mix and production for John Legend’s “A Place Called World.”

Antonio EscobarAntonio Escobar, Music Producer

“I use Satson on pretty much every stem mastering project that passes through our mastering studio. I like adding it to groups before running the stereo output through our analogue mastering chain.”

Mark ShrimptonMark Shrimpton, (Kingsview Sound Mastering)

33 reviews for Satson

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Product

  3. João Guerra (verified owner)

    I already had the Britson plugin featuring on every channel of my template. Acquiring the Satson was just a matter of time. Although i haven’t yet all its features, the overall quality of the resulting sound seems to share the quality of other Sonimus plugins.
    If there’s any criticism to the Satson, is the lack of numerical display when twisting the knobs.

  4. James L. (verified owner)

    Great Sounding plug-in. Easy to use. sounds great!! Easy install.Great company.

  5. jeremy-5646 (verified owner)

    Satson is a modern wonder. It’s been on every single project I’ve done for almost a decade now, and this plugin is worth the low, low price for the butter-smooth lo-/hipass filters alone. Oh, it’s also worth it for the accurate, responsive VU meters too! Now, keep in mind it was one of the first and best console emulators to market, and this thing has a practically zero CPU impact, and you are running out of reasons NOT to get Satson. Highly recommend.

  6. Brian S. (verified owner)

    As with the Britain, fantastic! For me not only does a plug-in have to do what it says and sound as good as it should, but it has to look incredible. Marks all of my check boxes.

  7. Luis Rojas (verified owner)

    I have tried other mix buss simulations, and this is the first one that really made my ears excited. It made such a beautiful change in my mixes. For the price…..you can’t pass it up!!!!

  8. Nicholas Gonzales (verified owner)

    Admittedly frustrated at first. The main issue being that I couldn’t distinguish if emailed replies were from an auto-mailer program or from an actual service rep. It seemed like there was a bit of lag in communication. I am, however new to Sonimus as a customer, so it may have very well been user error on my part. All that aside, customer support was of great assistance in helping me sort out the issue. The product works and sound excellent!

  9. Jonathan C. (verified owner)

    Brings a consistently pleasing substance in the mids that I find doesn’t come easily any other way.

  10. Jerry Skipworth (verified owner)

    Just another awesome plugin by an awesome company.

  11. Gideon (verified owner)

    Good product, fair price.

  12. Michael Schulz (verified owner)

    Great product for a great price!

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great console emulation! Along with Britson, exactly what I was looking for going into tape emulation. The authorization process could be made more efficient. Please consider a manager.

  14. Erron Williams (verified owner)

    These plug ins sound amazing!

  15. Vince Valentini (verified owner)

    Sonimus make the whole experience straightforward and enjoyable. Their plug-ins are one of only 2 brands I use outside of hardware and the UAD platform – ie, Sonimus quality is so reasonably priced yet sounds as good as the short-list of the very best software processing. My most recent purchase of the Satson is no different – great functionality, sound, easy to use, easy to purchase and install, and most importantly No Smearing or Dulling of audio (which is audible to my ears in almost every brand of plug-ins I’ve used as a songwriter, producer and mastering engineer). Additionally the CPU hit is so low that you can populate your entire mix with the enriching tone these plugins offer. Best wishes Sonimus, hope you get the merit you deserve, and that you keep enjoying and developing your craft. I recommend these plugins to anyone looking for high quality at an affordable price range.

  16. Junior Tan (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Eudon (verified owner)

    Definitely added some analog sweetness to my mixes. This gets slapped on every track now.

  19. Ole-Christian Andersen (verified owner)

  20. Bogdan Dremin (verified owner)

  21. Christopher Johnson (verified owner)

    The downloads cannot be unzipped on a Mac using the default program. You have to use RAR extractor or some other application. This is not apparent nor is it written in the installation instructions.

  22. Adey M. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with Satson, just like Britson the grouping feature is extremely useful, especially when used in conjunction with Satson CS…

    Sonimus products form the core of my workflow, they are reliable, effective, great value for money, and relentlessly analogue in nature…. Whats not to like ??

  23. Gustavo Valdes (verified owner)

    Muy buena emulación de consola! Ahora en cada mezcla siempre presente en mi cadena

  24. Theo (verified owner)

  25. HERVE B. (verified owner)

    Satson is this kind of plugin you become quikcly addicted. Easy to use, in many manors, It can be subtile or even rough but everytime , for every situation, it helps a lot to liven up a track

  26. samy cisternas (verified owner)

  27. Justin (verified owner)

  28. R O (verified owner)

    Out of all the console emulations that i’ve tried, Satson is the best. Smooth filters on the channel. The Bus sounds clear and glues just like my old console. 5/5

  29. Josh Ladgrove (verified owner)

    Josh Ladgrove, Melbourne, Australia.

    console emulation that sits across every bus/channel that I use on virtually every project. Filters are butter and the fat button adds depth when used on many tracks.

    Reasonably priced, high quality products.

  30. Alvaro D. (verified owner)

    Satson es un excelente plugin para conseguir un sonido profesional. Personalmente lo uso conjuntamente con el Bx_Console G de Pluginalliance. Satson está en mis buses de mezcla calentando el material. Merece la pena.

  31. Drew Gold (verified owner)

    Drew Gold here. I used to work with Satson exclusively until Britson was released, which is a less subtle console emulation. Satson doesn’t really have a “sound” like Britson does, although it’s great using either to mix with on every channel.

  32. Sudad G (verified owner)

    I work for several years with Sonimus Satson.
    I insert it in every channel and busses of my DAW with great results. I combine it very often with Waves SSL Channels or Universal Audio Neve Channels. With Sonimus Satson I get the sound that I know from analog consoles. A very important plugin for me in every production.

    Sudad G (Producer / Remixer / Audio Engineer)

  33. MazQ (verified owner)

    I’m MazQ and using Satson.
    I put some character to a track using gain knob. especially used track that has attack or punch.
    I love it as well as Sonnox inflator.

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