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The best qualities from these hardware classics into a single cohesive, yet versatile software design!

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Demo Limitations: Can’t save session, Drive and Gain controls are not available more CPU consumption.

Key Features

  • Refined EQ curves, SonEQ Pro sounds remarkably close to the analog equipment it emulates.
  • Four bands + HP/LP filters.
  • Low-Band Bell Filter Switch. Transforms SonEQ Pro’s low-band into a bell filter upon engagement.
  • High-Cut Control combines a low-pass 6dB/oct with a shelf filter for soft and smooth sounding cuts.
  • High BandSonEQ Pro‘s high boost is very soft and silky, great for imparting a natural sense of “air” to an individual instrument or entire mix.
  • Mid Band, this band has a musical sound but it can be very aggressive if required.
  • High-Mid Band, sounds very musical and natural, due to its large bandwidth and smoothly shaped bell.
  • High-pass, while the slope is highly effective for cutting, it’s the carefully sculpted attenuation near the slope that makes this filter especially soft and sweet.
  • Low-pass: The low-pass filter is a smooth 12 dB/oct, which combines two 6 dB/oct filters in cascade.
  • SonEQ Pro‘s pre-amp section is designed to impartsubtle warmth without overt coloration of your mix.
  • Zero latency, no group delay, and careful optimization for low CPU consumption.
  • Internal 64-bit floating point double precision.

SonEQ Pro details

Low Band

SonEQ Pro’s low frequency controls consist of two filters that work interactively. One boosts lows while the other attenuates. Since boost and attenuation curves are not perfectly aligned, SonEQ Pro’s handling of low frequency equalization generates cancellations and summations which sound quite natural and pleasing to the ear.

Used alone, the low boost control acts as a normal low-shelf. Likewise, when the attenuation control is used exclusively it will act as a low-cut shelf to attenuate low frequencies. Cancellation and summation of low-frequencies occur only when boost and attenuation are used in conjunction with one another.
As a workflow practice, we recommend boosting bass with SonEQ Pro first and then, if necessary, adjusting the “low atten” knob to achieve the desired sound.

Bell switch: If you do not need to apply a low shelf, low´s band can be used as a bell filter, ranging from 20Hz to 100Hz.
Frequency, boost, and Q controls all affect the shape of the bell filter. The boost and Q controls work interactively. As Q is increased the shape of the bell is narrowed, and its level of enhancement over the source is increased proportionally.

Low-Mid Band

SonEQ’s mid band is recommended to equalize midrange frequencies ranging from 70 Hz to 2000 Hz. It´s a bell filter with a generally soft, very musical sound. Nonetheless, this band can be very aggressive if required, depending on the amount of gain applied.

HiQ, unlike its younger brother, can be used in a “surgical” way. For example, with HiQ enabled, the user may “sweep” through the frequency range to remove annoying resonances or frequencies. With smaller gain values, HiQ can also be used musically if desired.

High Mid-Band

Recommended to equalize mids and high-mids, from 1000 Hz to 6800 Hz. In comparison with the band described above, the high-mid band features a larger bandwidth, making it ideal for this type of frequency equalization. It sounds very musical and natural, due to its large bandwidth and smoothly shaped bell.

The high-mid band can be used for any type of application, for example: to enhance clarity of a singer’s voice, lend a guitar more presence, and even to make an entire mix sound more natural.

Activating the “Mid Q” setting will reduce frequency bandwidth, giving high-mid equalization a slightly more aggressive property, suitable to lend more attack kick drums, bass guitars, or any instrument requiring a bit more punch.

High Band

SonEQ Pro’s high boost is very soft and silky, great for imparting a natural sense of “air” to an individual instrument or entire mix. Although not modeled after any single, specific piece of gear, SonEQ Pro’s high band takes inspiration from a variety of equalizers famous for their ability to impart a soft and silky sheen.

CUT (LP+HS, LP, LP-HS, HS): CUT control features four modes which variously combine low-pass and high-shelf.

  • LP+HS: Combines low-pass with positive high-shelf. As low-pass is introduced, a high-shelf is coupled with positive gain, creating a slight resonance which results in the experience of increased mids.
  • LP: A very musical sounding low-pass filter 6 dB / Oct.
  • LP-HS: Couples a low-pass filter 6 dB / Oct with a simultaneously applied negative gain high-shelf.
  • HS: High-shelf with negative gain.


High-pass: While the slope is highly effective for cutting, it’s the carefully sculpted attenuation near the slope that makes this filter especially soft and sweet.

Low-pass: The low-pass filter is a smooth 12 dB/oct, which combines two 6 dB/oct filters in cascade. Application of the filter results in soft attenuation of high frequencies, recommended for restoration of a natural sound on material which suffers from overhyped high frequencies.


When “Drive” is set to a value of zero, SonEQ Pro’s pre-amp section is designed to impartsubtle warmth without overt coloration of your mix. Round lows, warm mids, soft and natural highs, and enhanced perception of transients result from SonEQ Pro’s two stage saturation.

The “Drive” control governs both the overall preamp saturation, and also the saturation amount at the bottom end of the frequency spectrum. At a value of zero, saturation remains normal. Increasing the drive level will cause the drive knob to act as a low exciter, further saturating and enhancing low frequencies.


Computer Music Review (4.5 of 5 stars):

“An impressive, affordable hybrid EQ that successfully jigsaws together a series of classic-inspired components.”

Read full review.

Videos Reviews

Review by “In The DAW”

SonEQ Pro Specifications

Supported platforms

Audio UnitVST 2.4VST 3AAXRTAS. All platforms support both 32 and 64 bit operation.

Supported Operating systems

  • Mac OSX 10.6 or newer
  • Windows XP or newer

Technical specifications

  • Sample Rate Support: up to 192 khz.
  • Bit Depth: 64 bits (floating point).
  • Channels: Mono and Stereo.
  • Latency: Zero.


For more technical information about modules and controls, check the online user manual in your language: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian

37 reviews for SonEQ Pro

  1. Tim Boykin (verified owner)

    Currently I am streamlining my mixes by using mostly Sonimus plugins (except for a couple of reverbs and delays). Sonimus plugins are, on the one hand, superior to similar analog-modeled plugins offered by other companies, and on the other, I am getting a consistent sound, much like I would if I were using hardware in an all analog studio. My mixes are cleaner, punchier, crisper, and have a more pleasing character overall. Big props to Sonimus!

  2. thanosbikos (verified owner)

    My go-to “analog” EQ. It sits on all my busses and often on the master. The low band can do the Pultec trick very well, with even more flexibility than the original. All bands have very smooth curves, which sound natural and pleasant to the ear. Ideal for removing mud or harshness, and bringing important elements to the front. The high band is so smooth it sounds good even at extreme settings. It works spectacularly well on a full mix, with barely 1dB of gain usually. The HPF & LPF filters are first order and work wanders to balance the low & high end. The drive knob is very useful for soft-clipping offensive transients out of the way, and giving a subtle bump to the low end that sounds flattering. Another brilliant tool I use in multiple tracks on every project.

  3. romeo sterlacchini (verified owner)

    It!s ok

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice program, easy to use.

  5. Petr (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It is very easy and fun to spot the sweet tone with SonEQ Pro. I like it very much.

  7. Jack (verified owner)

    A fantastic tool for creating musical sounds

  8. Joonseong (verified owner)

  9. Reagan (verified owner)

  10. Steve O. (verified owner)

    Great EQ, very easy to find a natural sounding tone with out a graphic display fooling your ears. Wide choice of curves to suit any need if cutting or sweetening an instrument or vocal.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I produce with FL Studio. I use the stock plugin EQ2 for surgical procedures and SonEQ Pro for everything else.

  12. albert k. (verified owner)

  13. Thomas (verified owner)

    SonEQ Pro is a versatile and great sounding plugin. I bought it four days ago for the regular price and now it’s on sale, what’s disapointing, because there was no announcement or a kind of grace period.

  14. GREG ALBRIGHT (verified owner)

    Great eq ….. great products …
    Your Sonus Comp is just fantastic.. really really like it . So musical !

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This plugin is my new favorite over every pultec style plugin with much more possibilities! This will be my secret weapon for my mixes!

  16. Junior Tan (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

  18. Mark Watson (verified owner)

    Brings out the nuances of the mics , great plug in

  19. John Tafaro (verified owner)

  20. mike whang (verified owner)

  21. Nathan (verified owner)

    It was the free version of the plugin that bought me to this. So it’s like it’s big brother and similar to the 4K this is my workhorse.

  22. Leonardo Heiblum (verified owner)

  23. Alexandr Kovalev (verified owner)

    SonEQ Pro is much deeper than it might seem at first glance. It is worth understanding its features and it can easily become the number one EQ. And yes, it sounds very musical.

  24. Myles (verified owner)

    Lovely, warm and bright. This thing can’t do no wrong.

  25. Dominik (verified owner)

    very musical EQ, intuitive to work with. sweet top end.

  26. analag1 (verified owner)

    I use this in place of the Pultec EQP1a EQ because it is way more versatile. Very good for retaining the power and punch of kick drums and bass while removing the subsonic stuff. Great as the final EQ on a vocal track after all the corrective work has been done. Analog in the box!

  27. Garry Mkrtchyan (verified owner)

    High quality eq with an extended feature set. Would have been 5 stars if the UI was resizable.

  28. Henryk Dandyk (verified owner)

    OKAY. Super I recommend to other users.

  29. Adey M. (verified owner)

    The previous reviews completely cover it, simple to use, very responsive, can be used surgically or to enhance, with the option of added warmth and saturation.

    Every home should have one..

  30. Kris Vasil (verified owner)

    ability to make a man out of a boy . .

  31. samy cisternas (verified owner)

  32. Mark (verified owner)

    Still learning the product, but I love it so far! EZ to use!

  33. Robert Torres (verified owner)

    I’m amazed at how analog and sweet this EQ sounds. I also love how intuitive the user interface is and how it allows me to tweak without having to think about numbers. The plugin will be used on boatloads of my mixes from here on out. Love it!! (Frightbox Recording)

  34. Amir G. (verified owner)

    I love this plugin so much. It works really well when you want to add some thickness and power to an element of the mix. The HP and LP sounds smoother and silkier than just your normal hp and lp from your digital eq and it makes a difference. To top it off, it has a saturation knob. This plugin is a little workhorse and that is why I love it so much. Great job, Sonimus!

  35. Анатолий Гришанов (verified owner)

  36. David Carmona Alaez (verified owner)

    An equalizer with a spectacular sound and very versatile. I use it every day

  37. Andrew D

    I have the demo version of SONEQ Pro and I value the simplicity of this EQ. Having only two Q widths allows me to make quick adjustments without limiting my options to get a pleasing sound. – Andrew D

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