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Tuco is based on vari-mu tube technology with feedback topology. The clean, warm, and crisp sound!

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Tuco compressor is based on vari-mu tube technology with feedback topology. It can be clean, warm, and crisp at the same time. Exhibiting subtle and natural compression at low amounts and plenty of punch at higher settings. And is an original Sonimus development, designed using analog modeling techniques.

Tuco is ideal for drums, vocals, or any tracking instrument and sounds great applied to a whole mix. Due to its “stereo modes” (Dual Mono, Stereo Vintage, Stereo Modern), it can be used for tracking, as well as for mastering.


  • All tube vari-mu design.
  • Four compressor modes:
    • Fast Attack Compressor.
    • Slow Attack Compressor
    • Fast Attack Limiter.
    • Slow Attack Limiter.
  • Release knob with slow to fast settings.
    • Auto Makeup Gain control.
    • Three stereo modes: Dual Mono, Vintage Stereo, Modern Stereo.
    • Mix control for parallel compression. (two modes).
    • Output tube saturation controlled by a drive knob.
    • A/B switch for a/b comparison.
    • Presets system to create and edit both user and factory presets.
    • Support for HQ screen resolution (Retina).
    • Optimized for real-time usage.

Tuco Compressor In-depth

Compressor Mode

  1. Slow Attack Compressor
  2. Fast Attack Compressor
  3. Slow Attack Limiter
  4. Fast Attack Limiter

Stereo Mode

  • Mono: Processes a stereo input through a mono unit compressor
  • Stereo Vintage: Feeds the sum of both channels (left and right) into a single unit detector circuit, then applies the same “gain reduction” to each channel. This mode sounds open and wide.
  • Stereo Modern: Each channel (left & right) is processed independently. Combines the two gain-reduced channels into one, resulting in an equal gain reduction for both sides.
  • Dual Mono: Each channel is processed independently by two compressor units.

VU Meter Mode

  • Gain reduction Meter
  • Input VU Meter
  • Output VU Meter

Auto Makeup Gain

Auto Makeup Gain (AMG) compensates for volume drop resulting from compression. To activate AMG, click on the “Amount” label. AMG does not modify audio dynamics. Rather, it calculates a gain compensation approximation.

Mix Modes

The Mix Before Output Control: You can blend dry/wet without worrying about matching dry and wet signal volumes.
The Mix After Output Control: You must level the compressed signal using the “output knob” to achieve your desired dry/wet signal ratio.


  • Amount: Adjusts the amount of compression. Functions like a “threshold” control.
  • Output: Adjusts the compressor’s Make Up Gain.
  • Release: Adjusts the compressor’s release speed: 0: Fast, 10: Slow.
  • Mix: Mixes the “dry” uncompressed signal with the “wet” compressed one.
  • SC HP: Applies a High-Pass Filter to the side chain input signal (useful for bass guitars and/or bass drums).
  • Drive: Adjusts the amount of tube style saturation (When set to zero, saturation is bypassed).
TuCo Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Lou Holtzman while using the TuCo


“I like the approach of the TuCo, especially the drive, I’m already using it thoroughly on a new movie mix!”

“Plug-in developers Sonimus are already well known for excellent emulations of analogue EQs and consoles, but although their first compressor is based on a variable-mu tube circuit as used in the Fairchild 660 and 670, it’s not an emulation of those venerable units. Rather, TuCo shares some of their ‘analogue’ sonic characteristics and adds a few useful features.”


Sound On Sound, Magazine

“…I use these plugins ALL THE TIME! TuCo has found its way as a staple on my mix bus, and seems to add some magic dust to my drums… I have nothing negative to say, I love them…”

39 reviews for Tuco Compressor

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very versatile

  2. ARSEAU frederic (verified owner)

    Tout comme les autres produits sonimus que j’ai acheté je suis satisfait de la qualité du tuco. Simple, efficace, qualité de l’effet.
    Pas de clé usb pénible à mettre en oeuvre et prix très attractifs surtout quand on voit la qualité des produits qui n’ont pas à rougir face à la concurrence haut de gamme
    Je possède plusieurs plug-in de la marque , soneqpro, burnley 73, satson et britson . Je les conseil tous sans aucune réserve
    Fan de sonimus je ne le cache pas

  3. thanosbikos (verified owner)

    Impressive character & minimal design. The two main knobs work like an LA2A with compression and output gain. The four stage switch of ratio & attack seems limited but it turns out it’s all I need for a variety of applications. It was a good idea to have a dedicated release knob, to match the groove of the song. The drive does wonders to limit the untamed peaks that escape the main circuit. Smooth soft clipping which preserves valuable headroom for the rest of the mix.
    Sounds great on practically everything. Drums (from transparent taming to aggressive envelope shaping), bass, perfect on piano, cello, acoustic guitars, wind instruments and more. It is the first compressor I reach for in a mix and usually it stays there. Beautiful GUI too.

  4. Andrew Downes (verified owner)

    Vari mu, very good!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Petr (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The products and service I received at Sonimus was wonderful. Sales and customer service was responsive, helpful, and friendly. Tuco Compressor is a powerful tool that delivers a tight, yet creamy sound. I look forward to abusing this fine plugin on many upcoming tracks. I highly recommend Tuco to any eMusician, producer, sound designer, etc., who’s looking for an organic, punchy sound. It performs perfectly on individual tracks and globally on the whole she-bang.

  8. andrew.john.atkinson (verified owner)

    I auditioned a number of vari-mu plugins, and this was my favourite. The drive is not OTT at all, and is in fact very useful. I think this is a great compressor plugin. I certainly use it as a benchmark when comparing the sound of other plugins.

  9. Eduardo Del Gobbo (verified owner)

    Excelente Compresor, se comporta como un procesador analógico!! Lo recomiendo totalmente.

  10. Thomas Demman (verified owner)

    great comp…congradulations….i own your channel strip…its great too

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Junior Tan (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. WASSKO SEYFFER (verified owner)

    The Sonimus Tuco is for golden ears, and in terms of operation – one of my absolute favorites – it has left the competition behind. My darling for female Voice! Congratulations to the developers!

  15. Reagan (verified owner)

    Amazing Comp, adds a beautiful character and stunning compression. The simple to use feature set is a positive to get results fast, yet could be used as the sole comp on many projects. Demo it and you’ll probably buy it like I did!

  16. Jeremy P. (verified owner)

    Top of the vari-muf heap. Warm, versatile, balanced, punchy, and organic sounding, are the words that come to mind when describing TuCo. I have other Vari-mu compressors that are amazing, but this my favorite one to push.

  17. Ramon Lopez (verified owner)

    I love Tuco Compressor, sounds fantastic, can be very clean, or great harmonics and personality if you want to crank it… super light on CPU, I give it many uses but definitely lives permanently in my vocal bus, and there are very few plugins I can say that from.
    – Ramon Lopez (Supermini)

  18. Martin Bokulic (verified owner)


  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    One of my favourite plugin compressors.

  20. wilder Guzman (verified owner)

    Mi compresor favorito para el bajo , guitarra acústica y buss Master

  21. Neil (verified owner)

    tubes of fun

  22. Dominik (verified owner)

    excellent allround comp / limiter

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)


  24. Cory (verified owner)

    Super vibey! From warm and gooey to total destruction…it delivers the goods!

  25. Zvi (verified owner)

    Wonderful compressor and reasonable price

  26. Gustavo Valdes (verified owner)

    Muy útil excelente sonido y muy amigable con el cpu!!!

  27. Ole-Christian A. (verified owner)

  28. Michael (verified owner)

  29. Adey M. (verified owner)

    Another excellent plugin from Sonimus, their first compressor. I use this a lot on my drum buss, but the gentle compression is suitable on all instruments, I also tend to use it in conjunction with Britson, and Burnley 73 when tracking guitars and bass

    Lovely GUI, very simple controls, supported by a wide selection of presets that helps to provide a starting point for more bespoke settings. The automatic make up gain , internal sidechain control and the ability to use two modes of parallel compression are very welcome features.

    The warm analogue sound that is a hallmark of all Sonimus products is here in abundance

  30. João G. (verified owner)

    Since I got it, it became a recurring tool for whenever I need a solo instrument to stand out in the mix without killing all the dynamics. But it’s functions don’t end there, being quite versatile with its different modes – it can also work nicely as a bus compressor. Like every other Sonimus plugin I own, it’s also starting to replace all those more expensive plugins that were hanging around my usual template (and sometimes I could not figure out why they were there the first time).

  31. Eduard (verified owner)

  32. Matthew (verified owner)

    Simple to use and great sound. Easy to dial in for punch and crunch on breaks, or add flavour in sound design.

  33. Matt Weeks (verified owner)

    Really versatile and really quick to get it working well too – fab little compressor

  34. samy cisternas (verified owner)

  35. Andrea Falesi (verified owner)

    Greatest value for money in the plugins world!

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent general purpose compressor.

  37. Andrea Falesi (verified owner)

    Andrea Falesi -TuCo
    In the search of a good and easy to use compressor I have tried so many comps in so many years, hardware and software. Some were good, expensive and not easy to use, some were cheap, easy but not so good, etc.
    Then was TuCo.
    End of the search.

  38. John Fowler (verified owner)

    My name’s ‘NiceTime’ John Fowler. I’m a semi-pro producer and member of Dandelion Charm. I demoed TuCo a month or two ago because I read some great reviews online. I REALLY didn’t need any more plugins – especially compression – but I was intrigued (and it was on sale). With TuCo on my drum bus, I turned up the ‘amount’ knob, adjusted the output and release, then clicked ‘buy’. Simple. Sumptuous, squelchy, gluey, phat – all subjective words that we’ve all read time after time, but this compressor has gone straight to the top of the pile (and stayed there). Awesome. Thank you Sonimus.

  39. Jorik- Alphonia (verified owner)

    Les outils proposés par Sonimus ne m’ont jamais déçu. Tous les égaliseurs que j’utilise sont différents et vraiment efficaces.
    J’utilise depuis peu également le Tuco et le Satson channel et là encore, je suis très satisfait de les avoir à disposition.
    Prix abordables, efficacité, faible consommation du cpu, couleurs analogiques, transaction simple et légère…
    Les produits de chez Sonimus me conviennent parfaitement.

    Jorik- studio Alphonia

    The tools offered by Sonimus have never disappointed me. All the equalizers I use are different and really effective.
    I have also recently started using the Tuco and the Satson channel and here again, I am very satisfied to have them available.
    Affordable prices, efficiency, low cpu consumption, analog colors, simple and light transaction …
    Sonimus products suit me perfectly.

    Jorik- Alphonia studio

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