The story behind Burnley 73 If you google the word Burnley, the first two results you might get are Burnley Football Club and the Wikipedia page about Burnley, a town in Lancashire, England, 21 miles North from Manchester and 20 miles East of Preston. What might take you a bit more research to find out

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Sonimus Satson CS Plugin Overview

Using the Sonimus Satson CS as a vocal processor I regularly find myself working in mixes where the number of plugins used across the different tracks is maximizing my computer’s DSP. That is why I’m always interested in new tools to streamline my sessions and make my workflow easier without jeopardizing the sound quality. The Sonimus Satson

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analog console

5 steps for mixing with Britson

Emulating the sound of an analog console is a very complicated process. It takes a lot of work to turn every behavior of the electronic components and their tolerance/variations over time into mathematical equations that the computer can use to process your audio signal. The audio software market has increasingly implemented solutions that emulate classic

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SonEQ Pro Plugin

SonEQ Pro: Upgraded Boost + Cut Trick

Over time I am going to be detailing some of my favorite applications/settings on a wide variety of Sonimus plugins. I figure what better way to start than the plugin that first introduced me to Sonimus, SonEQ Pro. Combining the best aspects of a passive, inductor-based tube EQ with the best aspects of a parametric,

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Mixing in Times of COVID

How technology allows us to produce records from home Lockdown showed us that nothing can stop creativity. Many artists used this adversity as fuel for inspiration to make some great music. The Spanish band Mailers went one step further. They released the song “Cuando Salgamos” to inject some love and hope into the future and

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Parallel Compression

And Yet Another Article About Compression?

And Yet Another Article About Compression? Compression seems like an obsession in the audio world. How many times have you heard “for the vocal I used a bit of corrective equalization, and some compression to taste”, et cetera? It’s everywhere, it’s used and abused and has often played a big part in the sound of

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mixing template

Why Using A Mixing Template?

WHY USING A MIXING TEMPLATE? In 2013 when I quit my job at NaCena Studios, I literally drove down the street and immediately started working as a mixing assistant at Ricardo Mosca’s private studio in São Paulo. While I was there, one of my responsibilities was to prepare the mixing sessions for him, ensuring all

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A Guide to Mastering Your Own Mix

A GUIDE TO MASTERING YOUR OWN MIX If you mix music, you’ve undoubtedly heard of mastering. It is a critical stage in the music-making process; one that should never be overlooked. But why is that? And what exactly is mastering, anyway? Is it something I can do myself, or something only an elite few truly

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Gain Staging

What is gain staging?

What is gain staging? Why is it important in modern recording and mixing? What is V.U. meter and how can they help during these processes? These questions are constantly being asked. There are thousands of comments on the Internet about gain staging. It’s often one of the topics that generate the most confusion, but trust me,

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SSL emulation

Not Just Another G-Series Clone

In a market where we seemingly get a new (and often great) SSL emulation at least once a year, it takes a lot for me to replace my go to plugins in that ballpark. Satson CS has been an unassuming exception to this rule in my studio though, since it is not a 1:1 SSL

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vari mu compressor


The Tuco Compressor is based on vari-mu tube technology with feedback topology. Although it has similar characteristics to the classic Fairchild compressor, it is truly a different beast. With some added features this affordable plugin that is available on Windows and Mac OS, in AAX, AU, VST 2.4, and VST 3 versions, packs a punch.

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Studio Gear

Using gear limitation at your advantage

Written By William Robertson Intro We are, for most of us, all getting stuck at home. Far away from studios where you canhave all the studio gear you want to express our creativity without limits. We are, for most of us, stuck with our laptop, our favorite instruments maybe (often thefirst one we started with),

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Tuco Compressor Tips

5 Tips On using the Tuco Compressor

BY MATTHEW SIM 1. Once you engage it, it already has the tube character, with a little bit of tube buzz, which is refreshing on certain things. It gives that analog vibe. 2. On transient heavy instruments (e.g. kick, snare, toms, percussion), I love to use the Tuco compressor in mode 1 (slow attack) and

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BY: LIC. EZEQUIEL MORFI | TITANIO CONCLUSION DITHERING and its siblings NOISE-SHAPING and AUTO-BLANKING are subjects of profound although often mistaken discussion, both in formal literature as well as in casual forum debates, and constitute subjects and procedures that need to be understood and mastered by the audio engineer, most especially in our current times of

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7 Tips to get an Analog Workflow in your DAW

The new technology in audio recording and mixing is amazing. A new parade of plugins, consoles and outboard emulations appeared in the last few years to revolutionize the field and help us. Personally, what I like most from the modern audio recording process is the flexibility that it gives us. The chance to combine different

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BY: LIC. EZEQUIEL MORFI | TITANIO FLOATING-POINT CALCULATIONS Today’s digital processing is entirely accomplished using FLOATING-POINT mathematical calculations in a single-precision format consisting of 32 bits (informally called “floats”), a double-precision format of 64 bits (“double- floats”) or even in some cases the extended-precision format of 80 bits (“long- floats”). Unlike the fixed-point format, floating-point

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By Matthew Sim In recent decades, while everyone is chasing for the bright yet smooth pop vocal tone that competes on the radio, we tend to overlook the other side of the spectrum. Have the vocals sounding warm is still sought after in soul/r&b, folk, ballads, country, and sometimes pop music. Especially in Asia, where

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Vocal Mixing Techniques

By Taylor Chambers Preparation – The things often forgotten. Preparation is key! Before jumping into the vocal mixing processes, you can assist in making this process easier for yourself (and everybody involved), if you take the following factors into consideration as it will ensure optimum results. You won’t only get quicker results, but better-quality results.

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By: LIC. EZEQUIEL MORFI | TITANIO General CONCEPTS Much has been said about DITHERING and the purposes of its implementation. While some of the statements are indeed true, often times the analogies or other means of illustration for what really goes on behind the scenes end up forming the actual definition and conception that engineers

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Mix sound

Making a Mix Sound Bigger With Fewer Tracks

BY Matt Greco It’s tough in a lot of modern pop music to find space especially as productions grow larger in what seems like a never-ending quest. I’m all about a big beautiful production but instead of adding more instruments or vocals, how about stripping things down? I know this isn’t a new idea but

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5 common misconceptions that engineers & producers have

BY MATT SIM There’s plenty of information out there online for producers and engineers about audio mixing. But the majority of them are quite misleading. Like everyone else, I used to go through all the magazines, blogs, articles and youtube videos when I was young, trying to pick up all the “tricks” I can get

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Mixing Tips

6 Mixing Tips for Putting yourself in the right headspace

by Juan Pablo Calvo Mixing is an art form, and as in all art forms, it requires a specific space. A frame of mind and for you to be in touch with the creative part of your brain, which means removing all the obstacles that prevent you from achieving those requirements. In a mixing project,

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SonEQ Pro Review

SONEQ Pro reviewed by Ignacio Molino

INTRO First of all, let me start by letting you know this review wasn’t an easy one.  Not because the EQ plugin didn’t live up to it but totally the opposite. It opened back so many windows that I can only open when working with analog gear, it was truly an amazing feeling. The SonEQ Pro

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Satson Channel Strip – SOS Review

“…The compressor module is a ‘colorful’ one, adding harmonics as the gain reduction is increased…The four EQ bands have ±15dB gain with variable-Q bell curves, and the low and high bands can also be switched to shelving mode…”+ Read the review →

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Satson Channel Strip – MUSIXON Review

“… There are often people saying things about the pros of analog outboard gear sound compared to audio plugins, but the fact is that we can’t say which one is better. The duties are the same but the way they affect the sound is just different and Satson CS does the job with its unique

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Satson CS

Satson Channel Strip – Changelog

Satson Channel Strip 1.1 Updated May-2019 Added: Undo/Redo, parameter change, module add, move and delete. (sidenav menu). Added: Custom default state, now you can save default rack settings: modules, order, default parameters, etc (preset bar menu). Added: Stereo settings for compressor, Stereo Link (default in 1.0), Dual Mono, Mono.

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Satson CS

Satson Channel Strip Released

Satson Channel Strip is a great option for processing individual mix elements and sub-groups, as well as producing end-to-end mixes. These modules can be re-arranged via drag and drop, giving you control of the signal path in an intuitive way. Key Features The best option for processing individual mix elements and sub-groups, as well as producing

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Compressors: Pump and… Breathe!

Introduction When I choose a processor to be applied to my audio signal, I always ask myself this question: Do I want this machine to do its duty in an “invisible” way (that is, in the final result not to notice the application of the machine), or do I want this machine to “put a

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Stereo Panning to get better mixes

Nowadays, all home audio systems are in stereo. It means that the sound comes through two speakers: Left and Right. Long time ago, music was listened to in mono-systems, in other words: through only one speaker. Then, stereo systems were created, but they were not used properly at the time. Planning the panning In Panning,

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Frequency Masking

In this article, with the extraordinary support of Fernando Cubillos, we will explain the masking principle and some tips to avoid this problem that make your mixes sound like a war of sounds fighting each others, getting an amateur and muddy results. Introduction to Frequency Masking A higher-amplitude frequency masks a similar lower-amplitude frequency. This

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Microphone Types

Microphones Tutorial

What is a microphone and how do I use it the right way? A microphone is used to record sound events. It converts “real” sound events into electrical impulses. Here the main focus is on the membrane, which you can find in every microphone. The membrane receives vibrations and is so set in motion. The

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Audio Project Templates

In this article, by Dennis J Wilkins, we will discuss a method of creating and using project templates that can be used to greatly reduce set-up time when starting a new recording or mixing project. Some A-list Grammy winning engineers use just a few variations of templates on hundreds of mixes a year to streamline their

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Configure your Channel Strip to be an Analog Console

In this article, we will discuss the various possibilities of routing the plugin chain of any channel of any DAW in our possession. article by Andrea “Potter” Cristofori Introduction If you have been lucky enough to closely observe a large analog console, you might’ve been frightened by the bulk of buttons and knobs. After observing it

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Gearslutz review – WeissKlang V13 & KlangFormer

“… WeissKlang is a new German microphone manufacturer who has paired the V13 linear cardioid mic with the color of the Sonimus KlangFormer mic-modelling software. Sonimus is famous for the Satson mixbus software (and more!) which has many fans on Gearslutz…” “…In conclusion, a stellar first microphone from WeissKlang – the V13 is a solid

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64 or 32 bit?

Today we have a great choice for DAWs, and almost everyone is using a 64 bit operating system. Yet, there are some good reasons to use a 32 bit DAW in a 64 bit system, especially if you’ve been mixing with a DAW for years! Certainly, a 64 bit application can access a lot more

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Audio Latency Tutorial

In this article, by Dennis J Wilkins, we will discuss audio latency. You may have heard or read comments stating that you must have very low latency with your DAW, seen tests and articles discussing which interface have the lowest latency, and even worried that your latency isn’t as good as it should be! What is

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Glenn Fricker review

“Taking a look at the plugin suite from Sonimus: Some really cool EQ’s and an extremely versatile compressor…. I did an entire mix with only one across many channels! …I’m really impressed with these!”

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VU Meter and Mixing Levels

In this article, we will discuss gain staging and levels in the mix, explain peak values, RMS, VU, and detail on how to obtain optimal headroom in the box. Having optimal headroom is mandatory in order to obtain a great mix. Introduction: When we mix ITB (in the box), usually, we don’t have a volume

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Satson & Britson Free update

Sonimus has the pleasure to announce a free update to Satson 1.3.2 & Britson 1.1.2 consoles. Britson Changelog: Fixed some grouping related crashes. Fixed VST3 VU Meter Freezes. Fixed many VST3 GUI problems. Satson Changelog: Fixed some grouping related crashes. Fixed VST3 VU Meter Freezes. Fixed many VST3 GUI problems. Fixed Crosstalk Switch.

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StonEQ 4k 1.0.1 released

In response to our valued users’ feature requests, Sonimus is pleased to announce a free update to our recently released StonEQ 4k Equalizer. StonEQ 4k is inspired by the idea of mixing the best of the 4000 EQ’s two units: The Brown version (which in our opinion is the most musical) and the best attributes of

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StonEQ 4k – Satson series. Released!

StonEQ 4k is inspired by the idea of mixing the best of the 4000 EQ’s two units: The Brown ve rsion (which in our opinion is the most musical) and the best attributes of the Black version. Let us demonstrate with an example: When using the “Width” control, you will notice that from 0% to 49%

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SOS Review – “TuCo” Tube Compressor

“Plug-in developers Sonimus are already well known for excellent emulations of analogue EQs and consoles, but although their first compressor is based on a variable-mu tube circuit as used in the Fairchild 660 and 670, it’s not an emulation of those venerable units. Rather, TuCo shares some of their ‘analogue’ sonic characteristics and adds a

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