Satson Channel Strip – SOS Review

“…The compressor module is a ‘colorful’ one, adding harmonics as the gain reduction is increased…The four EQ bands have ±15dB gain with variable-Q bell curves, and the low and high bands can also be switched to shelving mode…”+ Read the review →

Satson CS

Satson Channel Strip – Changelog

Satson Channel Strip 1.1 Updated May-2019 Added: Undo/Redo, parameter change, module add, move and delete. (sidenav menu). Added: Custom default state, now you can save default rack settings: modules, order, default parameters, etc (preset bar menu). Added: Stereo settings for compressor, Stereo Link (default in 1.0), Dual Mono, Mono.

Frequency Masking

In this article, with the extraordinary support of Fernando Cubillos, we will explain the masking principle and some tips to avoid this problem that make your mixes sound like a war of sounds fighting each others, getting an amateur and muddy results. Introduction to Frequency Masking A higher-amplitude frequency masks a similar lower-amplitude frequency. This …

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