COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you are staying and keeping safe at home. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also working remotely out of the office. With more energy and motivation we are putting in the work to support your inquiries with pleasure and prepare more products you’d enjoy using.

Many of you might be away from your studio setup. According to that, you may need to reinstall the Sonimus products on another computer or laptop you’re using. Thus, we’ve prepared some FAQ here that might be useful for you.

Yes. According to Sonimus T&C, you can use your Sonimus plugin on any single computer at any time, it means you may make one copy of the plugin for each computer assigned to only one single person to use it on that computer.

To download your plugin please navigate your browser to the MY ACCOUNT section of our site.

For customer support please click here: https://sonimus.com/support-tickets

All Sonimus plugins have been carefully optimized for low CPU usage, your equipment is not going to stress out using Sonimus products.

Solution for Mac:

Solution 1:
Instead of pressing on the zip file itself (which is using the default unzipping software), right-clicked and un-zipped with another software: Right-click -> "open with" -> Select another app instead of the default archive utility
If you don't have another app, install from the app store: "The unarchiver" or another archiver app.

Solution 2:
1) Open the finder and press CMD + Shift + G
2) paste this folder: ~/Library/Preferences/
3) delete this file: com.apple.archiveutility.plist

By the way, please do not forget to restart your device after it's done.


Solution for Windows:

In this case, We suggest you extract the archive with the built-in Windows 10 archiver.

Before installing a new version, please be sure to uninstall and delete all the previous (Demo) versions. Done that, you can install a recent version. Remember to restart your device after.

NOTE: You are more than welcome to contact us by submitting a ticket for any other questions and inquiries. 


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