Streamline your workflow. Get the classic sound with Sonimus Satson Channel Strip.

We help you shape sounds, perfectly.

Sonimus products provide natural “analog” results with state-the-art plug-ins for mixing, mastering and post production. Both for live sound and Studio work.

  1. Анатолий Гришанов (verified owner)

  2. misha hering (verified owner)

    One of the only summing plugins I’ve ever used that actually does its job well. Maintains transients, but adds depth, weight and roundness. Like what a good desk could do. Highly recommended!


  3. David Carmona Alaez (verified owner)

    An equalizer with a spectacular sound and very versatile. I use it every day

    SonEQ ProSonEQ Pro

  4. Stefano F. (verified owner)

    Perfect for my use with Audirvana


  5. Gino T. (verified owner)

    Sweet, does the job perfectly


  6. Brett White (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    awesome! 🙂

    StonEQ 4kStonEQ 4k

  8. Khalil Ed (verified owner)

    My Name is Khalil Ed and I buy Satson CS Channel Strip I have the other ones BUT!!!!! This Thing is a beast I love it, im drummer and this channel strip gave me the glue and the shinning that my drums need the best best best Satson CS Sonimus you make killer plugins. Thank!!!

    Satson CSSatson CS

  9. John Fowler (verified owner)

    My name’s ‘NiceTime’ John Fowler. I’m a semi-pro producer and member of Dandelion Charm. I demoed TuCo a month or two ago because I read some great reviews online. I REALLY didn’t need any more plugins – especially compression – but I was intrigued (and it was on sale). With TuCo on my drum bus, I turned up the ‘amount’ knob, adjusted the output and release, then clicked ‘buy’. Simple. Sumptuous, squelchy, gluey, phat – all subjective words that we’ve all read time after time, but this compressor has gone straight to the top of the pile (and stayed there). Awesome. Thank you Sonimus.

    Tuco CompressorTuco Compressor

  10. Jorik- Alphonia (verified owner)

    Les outils proposés par Sonimus ne m’ont jamais déçu. Tous les égaliseurs que j’utilise sont différents et vraiment efficaces.
    J’utilise depuis peu également le Tuco et le Satson channel et là encore, je suis très satisfait de les avoir à disposition.
    Prix abordables, efficacité, faible consommation du cpu, couleurs analogiques, transaction simple et légère…
    Les produits de chez Sonimus me conviennent parfaitement.

    Jorik- studio Alphonia

    The tools offered by Sonimus have never disappointed me. All the equalizers I use are different and really effective.
    I have also recently started using the Tuco and the Satson channel and here again, I am very satisfied to have them available.
    Affordable prices, efficiency, low cpu consumption, analog colors, simple and light transaction …
    Sonimus products suit me perfectly.

    Jorik- Alphonia studio

    Tuco CompressorTuco Compressor

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Analog vibe Digital perfection

Sonimus products are the result of long research and development. We use in-the-field experience to create our own unique practices for modeling and design. The result is sophisticated but simple-to-use, unique but precise emulations of vintage devices that provide customers and partners with the best solutions for Recording/Mix Studios, Mastering Studios, the Recording Industry, and Post Production audio work.

Sonimus Digital Plugins professionally designed for high-end sound quality

Sonimus Digital Plugins professionally designed for high-end sound quality

Sonimus SonEQ

SonEQ is a free equalizer plugin that takes parts from some vintage gear and combines them in one.

Antonio Escobar
Antonio Escobar
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I used Satson in my mix and production for John Legend's "A Place Called World". I love the sound and the features.
Sander van der Heide
Sander van der Heide
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One of the plugins I use in almost any of my mastering sessions is the SonEQ Pro by Sonimus. It's a $59 dollar plugin and a great addition to my $13.000,- SPL equalizer. But if I had to choose between only one of them...
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Sonimus has impressed us with its desk emulations, Satson and Britson, and analogue-style SonEQ Pro, and its latest Neve-inspired plugin feels like a logical next step.
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Plug-in developers Sonimus are already well known for excellent emulations of analogue EQs and consoles
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As well as the effects these plugin units add up to the sound, I can tell they were fully considering the work-flow simplicity and speed.
Glenn Fricker
Glenn Fricker
Read More
I’ve been playing with these over the last month or so and a few of these are really becoming favorites. I also like the fact that there’s no lock requirement. Registration is done via a registry update in Windows and that’s something I’ve never seen before. It’s quite clever.
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Sonimus makes some great plugins. They throw their own spin on classic hardware.

Sonimus is the result of the passion for making it easy to achieve the best sound quality.


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