Sonimus Satson Console Emulation


Designed to emulate a console-based workflow (including metering, saturation, stereo crosstalk, and trim).



Sonimus products are the result of long research and development. We use in-the-field experience to create our own unique practices for modeling and design. The result is sophisticated but simple-to-use, unique but precise emulations of vintage devices that provide customers and partners with the best solutions for Recording/Mix Studios, Mastering Studios, the Recording Industry, and Post Production audio work.

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Sonimus SonEQ Free

*300,000+ users

SonEQ is a free equalizer plugin that takes parts from some vintage gear and combines them in one.

TuCo Compressor

*Special taste

Tuco is based on vari-mu tube technology with feedback topology. The clean, warm, and crisp sound!


Sonimus products can provide ideal conditions for getting natural “analog” results with state-of-the-art plugins for mixing, mastering, recording, and post-production, both for live sound and studio work. Our products are carefully modeled and conscientiously designed with the needs of musicians, recording/mix engineers, and sound producers in mind, visualizing them as USERS pursuing excellence in audio production.

Britson Console Emulation

*Most popular

While inspired by a classic British 8014 console, it has a personality all its own. Classic warm, open, 3D sound.

  1. Fernando Martins (verified owner)

  2. ken M. (verified owner)

    I love the Sonimus plugins! Sweetone was the last I needed to complete the collection.


  3. Andrea Falesi (verified owner)

    Andrea Falesi -TuCo
    In the search of a good and easy to use compressor I have tried so many comps in so many years, hardware and software. Some were good, expensive and not easy to use, some were cheap, easy but not so good, etc.
    Then was TuCo.
    End of the search.

    Tuco CompressorTuco Compressor

  4. Vincent (verified owner)

    As a mostly hardware / non-DAW musician when I do track things out into my DAW I needed something that gave it that classic console feel. This has that same feel without the added bloat, will return for more Sonimus products in the future!


  5. Firdaus (verified owner)

    Naissss summing console for analogue saturation.. Keep it up!!


  6. Andrew Eccles (verified owner)

    Love Satson. Love Sonimus. Forever.


  7. Thanos Bikos (verified owner)

    Accurately named, this EQ can’t sound bad. My standard tool when I want a source to sound balanced and natural. Broad tilts and smooth filters help bass instruments take their position in the mix, brighten a piano or give it more body, soften a harsh electric guitar speaker, smoothen a violin recorded with too much presence in the highs. The minimalistic design was intimidating at first, but it certainly helps me get where I want in less time.


  8. Josh Ladgrove (verified owner)

    Josh Ladgrove, Melbourne, Australia.

    console emulation that sits across every bus/channel that I use on virtually every project. Filters are butter and the fat button adds depth when used on many tracks.

    Reasonably priced, high quality products.


  9. Pierre C. (verified owner)

    Very nice little tilt eq. Very easy and quick to use, and very nice sounding… Thanks Sonimus.


  10. Amir G. (verified owner)

    This little eq can make a big difference to your sound. Especially on drums but not only. It just makes things sound fuller to me. The saturation knob was well thought out and you can use it as little or aggressive as you like. This is naturally a warm sounding eq and hard to use in harsh way. You have to use your ears here though. This eq is all about using your ear and sound shaping, not for precision. I love it for that. I’m a fan of it!

    Burnley 73Burnley 73

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Learn new stuff

Learn new stuff.

“I used Satson in my mix and production for John Legend’s “A Place Called World”. I love the sound and the features.”

Antonio EscobarAntonio Escobar, Audio Engineer & Music Producer

“Really digging the analog distortion and coloring that all Sonimus plugins are offering. That “Fat” button in the console emulation bundle is magical. It makes everything sound better immediately by adding that analog warmth.”

Matthew SimMatthew Sim, Mixing Engineer

“The reason I love Sonimus plug-ins is because they carry so many features and possibilities sound-wise in a yet simple and straightforward user interface, much like most analog gear.”

MorfiEzequiel Morfi, Audio Engineer

“In a world with a million different plugins it’s hard to stand out, but Sonimus has done just that. Their plugins are easy to use and sound great! I have really enjoyed using the Satson Channel Strip to help dial in my mixes quickly. Plus I always love a great SSL channel strip!”

MATT GRECOMatt Greco, Audio Engineer & Music Producer

“Best of both worlds… Analogue response plus digital technology’s versatility.”

Dan Zlotnik , Composer

“I use Satson on pretty much every stem mastering project that passes through our mastering studio. I like adding it to groups before running the stereo output through our analogue mastering chain.”

Mark ShrimptonMark Shrimpton, Kingsview Sound Mastering

“One of the plugins I use in almost any of my mastering sessions is the SonEQ Pro by Sonimus. It’s a $59 dollar plugin and a great addition to my $13.000,- SPL equalizer. But if I had to choose between only one of them…”

Sander van der HeideSander van der Heide, Mastering Engineer

“I’ve been using Sonimus products for a few months now and these emulations have become an essential part of my go to mix template. The SonEQ, Satson CS and Tuco Comp deliver the vibe I’m used to find in some of my favorite analog tools. These are well coded, CPU friendly, super intuitive and will absolutely add real sonic value to your projects.”

Luke Pimentel, Mastering Engineer
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