SonEQ Pro is a brand new four-band equalizer inspired by various high-end analog equalizers. We’ve adapted and incorporated the best qualities from these hardware classics into a single cohesive, yet versatile software design. As such, SonEQ Pro aims to serve as a first choice equalizer for mixing engineers of all genres.


Further Specifications:

  • Improved modeling. SonEQ Pro sounds remarkably close to the analog equipment it emulates.
  • Refined EQ curves. Curves maintain their integrity and purity of form near the Nyquist, resulting in more analog-like sound and behavior.
  • Low-Band Bell Filter Switch. Transforms SonEQ Pro’s low-band into a bell filter upon engagement.
  • High-Cut Control. Combines a low-pass 6dB/oct. with a shelf filter for soft and smooth sounding cuts.
  • New High-Mid Band.
  • Remodeled High-Pass Filter.
  • Low CPU Consumption.
  • Product Manuals: English, French, Russian.

Low Band

SonEQ Pro's low frequency controls consist of two filters that work interactively. One boosts lows while the other attenuates. Since boost and attenuation curves are not perfectly aligned, SonEQ Pro's handling of low frequency equalization generates cancellations and summations which sound quite natural and pleasing to the ear.
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Low-Mid Band

SonEQ's mid band is recommended to equalize midrange frequencies ranging from 70 Hz to 2000 Hz. It´s a bell filter with a generally soft, very musical sound. Nonetheless, this band can be very aggressive if required, depending on the amount of gain applied.
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High Mid-Band

Recommended to equalize mids and high-mids, from 1000 Hz to 6800 Hz. In comparison with the band described above, the high-mid band features a larger bandwidth, making it ideal for this type of frequency equalization. It sounds very musical and natural, due to its large bandwidth and smoothly shaped bell.
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High Band

As with SonEQ Free, SonEQ Pro's high boost is very soft and silky, great for imparting a natural sense of “air” to an individual instrument or entire mix. Although not modeled after any single, specific piece of gear, SonEQ Pro's high band takes inspiration from a variety of equalizers famous for their ability to impart a soft and silky sheen.
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High-pass: While the slope is highly effective for cutting, it's the carefully sculpted attenuation near the slope that makes this filter especially soft and sweet.

Low-pass: The low-pass filter is a smooth 12 dB/oct, which combines two 6 dB/oct filters in cascade. Application of the filter results in soft attenuation of high frequencies, recommended for restoration of a natural sound on material which suffers from overhyped high frequencies.


When “Drive” is set to a value of zero, SonEQ Pro's pre-amp section is designed to impartsubtle warmth without overt coloration of your mix. Round lows, warm mids, soft and natural highs, and enhanced perception of transients result from SonEQ Pro's two stage saturation.

The "Drive" control governs both the overall preamp saturation, and also the saturation amount at the bottom end of the frequency spectrum. At a value of zero, saturation remains normal. Increasing the drive level will cause the drive knob to act as a low exciter, further saturating and enhancing low frequencies.


To download the demo version you must be logged in.
Demo limitations: Can't save session, Drive and Gain controls are not available, more CPU consumption.

Supported Platforms:

  • VST 32 bits for Windows
  • VST 64 bits for Windows
  • RTAS for Windows
  • VST for MacOs Intel 32/64 bits (Mac OSX 10.5 or above)
  • AU for MacOs Intel 32/64 bits (Mac OSX 10.5 or above)
  • RTAS for Mac OSX Intel (Mac OSX 10.5 or above)


You can buy SonEQ Pro for $49.0 (USD).