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The new technology in audio recording and mixing is amazing. A new parade of plugins, consoles and outboard emulations appeared in the last few years to revolutionize the field and help us. Personally, what I like most from the modern audio recording process is the flexibility that it gives us. The chance to combine different …

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By Taylor Chambers Preparation – The things often forgotten. Preparation is key! Before jumping into the vocal mixing processes, you can assist in making this process easier for yourself (and everybody involved), if you take the following factors into consideration as it will ensure optimum results. You won’t only get quicker results, but better-quality results. …

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BY Matt Greco It’s tough in a lot of modern pop music to find space especially as productions grow larger in what seems like a never-ending quest. I’m all about a big beautiful production but instead of adding more instruments or vocals, how about stripping things down? I know this isn’t a new idea but …

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BY MATT SIM There’s plenty of information out there online for producers and engineers about audio mixing. But the majority of them are quite misleading. Like everyone else, I used to go through all the magazines, blogs, articles and youtube videos when I was young, trying to pick up all the “tricks” I can get …

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by Juan Pablo Calvo Mixing is an art form, and as in all art forms, it requires a specific space. A frame of mind and for you to be in touch with the creative part of your brain, which means removing all the obstacles that prevent you from achieving those requirements. In a mixing project, …

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