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Frequency Masking

In this article, with the extraordinary support of Fernando Cubillos, we will explain the masking principle and some tips to avoid this problem that make your mixes sound like a war of sounds fighting each others, getting an amateur and muddy results. Introduction to Frequency Masking A higher-amplitude frequency masks a similar lower-amplitude frequency. This …

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Configure your Channel Strip to be an Analog Console

In this article, we will discuss the various possibilities of routing the plugin chain of any channel of any DAW in our possession. article by Andrea “Potter” Cristofori Introduction If you have been lucky enough to closely observe a large analog console, you might’ve been frightened by the bulk of buttons and knobs. After observing it …

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64 or 32 bit?

Today we have a great choice for DAWs, and almost everyone is using a 64 bit operating system. Yet, there are some good reasons to use a 32 bit DAW in a 64 bit system, especially if you’ve been mixing with a DAW for years! Certainly, a 64 bit application can access a lot more …

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