By: LIC. EZEQUIEL MORFI | TITANIO General CONCEPTS Much has been said about DITHERING and the purposes of its implementation. While some of the statements are indeed true, often times the analogies or other means of illustration for what really goes on behind the scenes end up forming the actual definition and conception that engineers …


Satson Channel Strip 1.1 Updated May-2019 Added: Undo/Redo, parameter change, module add, move and delete. (sidenav menu). Added: Custom default state, now you can save default rack settings: modules, order, default parameters, etc (preset bar menu). Added: Stereo settings for compressor, Stereo Link (default in 1.0), Dual Mono, Mono.

Since last December, we have been talking with Gustavo Borner from Igloo Music. He has been using our products and recently gave us fantastic news: he used Sonimus plugins in the music production of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. This is what he had to said about it: “We are always looking for …

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We have received a lot of emails and messages from users asking us to speed up our launch schedule for new Sonimus plugins. Thank you for sharing your appreciation for our products! Your messages make us very happy and excited. We are aware that we take a lot of time to launch new products. We’d …

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