Emulating the sound of an analog console is a very complicated process. It takes a lot of work to turn every behavior of the electronic components and their tolerance/variations over time into mathematical equations that the computer can use to process your audio signal. The audio software market has increasingly implemented solutions that emulate classic …

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How technology allows us to produce records from home Lockdown showed us that nothing can stop creativity. Many artists used this adversity as fuel for inspiration to make some great music. The Spanish band Mailers went one step further. They released the song “Cuando Salgamos” to inject some love and hope into the future and …

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What is gain staging? Why is it important in modern recording and mixing? What is V.U. meter and how can they help during these processes? These questions are constantly being asked. There are thousands of comments on the Internet about gain staging. It’s often one of the topics that generate the most confusion, but trust me, …

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