Satson Channel Strip – SOS Review

“…The compressor module is a ‘colorful’ one, adding harmonics as the gain reduction is increased…The four EQ bands have ±15dB gain with variable-Q bell curves, and the low and high bands can also be switched to shelving mode…”+ Read the review →

Glenn Fricker review

“Taking a look at the plugin suite from Sonimus: Some really cool EQ’s and an extremely versatile compressor…. I did an entire mix with only one across many channels! …I’m really impressed with these!”

Introducing TuCo Compressor

Introducing Sonimus TuCo Compressor Video: TuCo a compressor based on vari-mu tube technology with feedback topology. TuCo can be clean, warm and crisp at the same time, getting subtle and natural compression at low amounts and punchy at higher amounts.

Gearslutz Review – Sonimus Britson

“I have tried many other console simulations and finally Sonimus Britson is my choice. I don’t want to talk about the best console emulation vs others, I’ve chosen Britson because that thing fit for my needs. Very recommended!” Open link →

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