The Tuco Compressor is based on vari-mu tube technology with feedback topology. Although it has similar characteristics to the classic Fairchild compressor, it is truly a different beast. With some added features this affordable plugin that is available on Windows and Mac OS, in AAX, AU, VST 2.4, and VST 3 versions, packs a punch. …


INTRO First of all, let me start by letting you know this review wasn’t an easy one.  Not because the EQ plugin didn’t live up to it but totally the opposite. It opened back so many windows that I can only open when working with analog gear, it was truly an amazing feeling. The SonEQ Pro …

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“…The compressor module is a ‘colorful’ one, adding harmonics as the gain reduction is increased…The four EQ bands have ±15dB gain with variable-Q bell curves, and the low and high bands can also be switched to shelving mode…”+ Read the review →

“… There are often people saying things about the pros of analog outboard gear sound compared to audio plugins, but the fact is that we can’t say which one is better. The duties are the same but the way they affect the sound is just different and Satson CS does the job with its unique …

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“… WeissKlang is a new German microphone manufacturer who has paired the V13 linear cardioid mic with the color of the Sonimus KlangFormer mic-modelling software. Sonimus is famous for the Satson mixbus software (and more!) which has many fans on Gearslutz…” “…In conclusion, a stellar first microphone from WeissKlang – the V13 is a solid …

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“Taking a look at the plugin suite from Sonimus: Some really cool EQ’s and an extremely versatile compressor…. I did an entire mix with only one across many channels! …I’m really impressed with these!”

“Plug-in developers Sonimus are already well known for excellent emulations of analogue EQs and consoles, but although their first compressor is based on a variable-mu tube circuit as used in the Fairchild 660 and 670, it’s not an emulation of those venerable units. Rather, TuCo shares some of their ‘analogue’ sonic characteristics and adds a …

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TuCo has a familiar, though minimal set of compressor controls, with some different nomenclature: the input level control (effectively the inverse of threshold) is called Amount, while Release and Output level controls are called just that. There are no attack or ratio controls labeled as such, but there is a Mode switch to provide some …

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“…TuCo comes with a neat set of presets offering a good starting point for what you plan to do, and the preset ‘Mixbus Glue’ is an obvious choice…”

“In the frozen world of Plugins, Sonimus represents the warmth of the true analog sound. Thank you very much for reminding me that classic console sound.” Open link →


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