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Over time I am going to be detailing some of my favorite applications/settings on a wide variety of Sonimus plugins. I figure what better way to start than the plugin that first introduced me to Sonimus, SonEQ Pro. Combining the best aspects of a passive, inductor-based tube EQ with the best aspects of a parametric, …

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By Taylor Chambers Preparation – The things often forgotten. Preparation is key! Before jumping into the vocal mixing processes, you can assist in making this process easier for yourself (and everybody involved), if you take the following factors into consideration as it will ensure optimum results. You won’t only get quicker results, but better-quality results. …

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INTRO First of all, let me start by letting you know this review wasn’t an easy one.  Not because the EQ plugin didn’t live up to it but totally the opposite. It opened back so many windows that I can only open when working with analog gear, it was truly an amazing feeling. The SonEQ Pro …

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