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64 or 32 bit?

Today we have a great choice for DAWs, and almost everyone is using a 64 bit operating system. Yet, there are some good reasons to use a 32 bit DAW in a 64 bit system. By Dennis J Wilkins.

Audio Latency Tutorial

You may have heard stating that you must have very low latency with your DAW, seen tests and articles discussing which interface have the lowest latency, and even worried that your latency isn’t as good as it should be!. By Dennis J Wilkins.

VU Meter and Mixing Levels

In this tutorial, we will discuss gain staging in the mix, explain peak values, RMS, VU, and detail how to obtain optimal headroom in the box.

Setting up Britson Grouping

This video tutorial shows how setting up grouping using Sonimus Britson console.

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