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How we work

We have received a lot of emails and messages from users asking us to speed up our launch schedule for new Sonimus plugins. Thank you for sharing your appreciation for our products! Your messages make us very happy and excited.

We are aware that we take a lot of time to launch new products. We’d like to explain why:

We are a small but dedicated group of people who are very enthusiastic about music and high-quality audio. We only launch products that we really like.

We may be paranoiacs, but we live by the following words: “If it’s not perfect, then it’s no use.” So we dedicate eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, to new product development.

We are fortunate to have many professionals who make a living recording and mixing in studios, who kindly provide us with valuable feedback to further refine our prototypes.

We like to think that we are a sort of “boutique” company since we prefer quality over quantity. We would never commit, for example, to the objective of launching fifty products that we were not 100% satisfied with in terms of audio fidelity.

We look forward with excitement to our launch (soon, this year) of new, finest quality Sonimus products, each of which has spent over a year in development.

Thank you for your support and understanding,

Sonimus Staff

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