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Britson & Satson Grouping released

Sonimus has the pleasure of announcing a free update to Britson and Satson, adding support for Channel and Bus Grouping. Instances can now be grouped, creating the possibility of affecting all instances by making changes to just one.

Imagine being able to control all Britson or Satson instances from a single instance. Imagine the freedom to assign instances into “groups” for simultaneous control of all grouped instances.

Now, it’s possible to do just that: Turn on/off saturation, choose Fat or Normal mode, make volume adjustments for a group of instruments, and alter the drive for a group of instances, all from the convenience of one Britson or Satson Master Instance.

Mixing with Grouping

Deploy your Britson instances using the method outlined in the section “How to Use Britson (or Satson),” or by employing whichever method works best for you. Then, use the Master grouping to control all grouped instances. Use Trim for fine volume adjustment, or activate Trim as Drive to apply more or less distortion. Compare the sound of your tracks with FAT mode enabled vs. disabled, etc.

Remember that it is not mandatory to group all instances. Feel free to experiment with leaving some instances ungrouped.


  • Several minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed VU Meter Related issue with some DAWs.
  • Added grouping.
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