Using the Sonimus Satson CS as a vocal processor

I regularly find myself working in mixes where the number of plugins used across the different tracks is maximizing my computer’s DSP. That is why I’m always interested in new tools to streamline my sessions and make my workflow easier without jeopardizing the sound quality. The Sonimus Satson Channel Strip is one of these tools! This plug-in allows you to do more with less. It allows you to have multiple modules that you can set up to shape the sound of your mix and make it tighter.

I work extensively with Hip-Hop and RNB, where vocal processing is usually very large. My vocal chain includes a variety of plug-ins (De-Esser EQ, Compressor, Exciter) that sometimes tend to use a lot of DSP. I noticed that this channel strip cut my chain strip in half. It was an all in one type of plug-in. Therefore I decided to use this plug-in on a vocal mix bus… READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON MUSIXON MAG

Author: Jamal Malikov aka KGB Prod.

Edited by Carlos Bricio